Humanity Torbay Charity was established in March 2017, with the Charities Commission verifying its authenticity in October 2017 as a Community Interest Organisation, registration No 1175068. It started life at 1A Castle Road, Torquay as an advice centre for all requiring help and assistance with benefits and housing enquiries and advocacy at various appointments. Additional to this service, it provided an invaluable supporting service for street homeless persons, in need of some respite, food, warmth, cups of tea/coffee, spare clothing and some social contact during the day, especially during the winter months.

The building outgrew its usefulness towards the end of the summer 2018 and as such, Humanity Torbay, moved its base of operation to 180 Union Street on 1 st August 2018 establishing itself primarily as an advice centre (for benefits, mental health and domestic violence counselling) on the realisation, that the numbers of people (including families) requiring our services was growing considerably: (especially with the onset and transitioning to Universal Credit). We take numerous clothing and food donations, that are handed out to all those who need these additional services and we also provide shower and washing machine facilities. We have also re-engaged in providing hot meals on a daily basis, by hiring a cafe, three days per week, which will provide an invaluable support service to our street homeless persons once again.

We ask you to fund us so that we can pay our rent and fuel costs. We want to continue offering support to the homeless, those in danger of becoming homeless and working families who can not afford to feed their children owing to delays in receiving Universal Credit payments.

We are also helping disabled and sick people to apply for PIP's and challenge the many refusals that are being received.

01803 38 92 91

How can you Help ?

We need food due to the high demand as well as clothes blankets, sleeping bags, hats, scarves and gloves.

How can you donate ?

We have set up a go fund me page you can find the page by clicking the button below.
Every penny helps and we really appreciate your kindness.


Our Team

Ellie Waugh

Ellie Waugh

The CEO and Founder of Humanity Torbay


Dave Barratt

Came on board with Humanity Torbay as a volunteer in January 2018, progressing to a volunteer Saturday Manager and then eventually in June 2018, as a paid employee as Operations Manager.